Sunday, June 04, 2017

There now follows a party political broadcast on behalf of........


Ann ODyne said...

so brave of corbyn to simply say what he thinks and let people judge him on it.
honest and brave.

when it is absolutely evident that the murderer is right there, then summary justice saves the huge cost of trial/imprisonment.
sadly, the grey areas inhabited by US police in random street stops ...

sparing a thought for the police who took personal risk, and who have to cope with personal trauma of ending the life of an evil deranged threat.

LOVED the guy who kept his pint* when all in the tavern had to run up the street. Needs to replace Egg&Spoon racing everywhere

*when you need a drink the most after fleeing for your life

tony said...

I have several local friends who are policemen. The pressure they have been under recently has been massive.Quite where things go forward is very problematic.Very twitchy times.