Thursday, March 01, 2018

all and sundry.

This week's sepia saturday holds the theme of "groups".

Feb: 1965.
My brother Zyg's 21st Birthday Party in a club on  Clare Road ,Halifax.
Top Row.(l/r) Uncle Gordon ( ex-RAF prisoner of war in Germany for 3 years):Zyg:Me (stood on a box):my Dad Wladylaw (ex-Polish Air Force /got a gong inThe Battle of Arnheim).
Bottom Row (l/r) Aunty Brenda :My Mam,Marjory : Aunty Dot :Cousin Pat.
Huddersfield   Road,Halifax.
 (photo by Halifax Courier)
Clare Hall School Rugby League team.1966/67 season.
 That's me 4th left/back row .I dont think it looks much like me ? Behind the cameraman were members of the girls hockey team .I think I was attempting to appear hard  !
1996. me with my Transpersonal Gestalt Oasis  Group in Boston Spa. That's me on the floor 'looking a right spangle!

1999? Rochdale Turkish Baths. Me:front row middle.

"The Shining" meets Hitchcocks's "Birds"................caught by Cath this afternoon in front of our new  Living Room  window..
As I create this post  I listen to this .At the end of March me & Cathy have Tickets for Young Fathers! 'lovely Band!
Finally i found  here:  a mystery photo..............just because everybody is looking at you...doesnt mean your paranoid.


Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

I loved the music accompanying your post. I have to confess
I had to consult an on-line Brit expressions translator for
"got a gong." I wasn't sure if it meant your uncle was wounded
or awarded a medal - perhaps it was both? The Transpersonal Gestalt
must have been working as the group looks very happy or were they
laughing at you, aspangle. Hope I've interpreted that correctly.
Enjoy the concert!

Molly's Canopy said...

Had to decide which photo I like best, you've posted such a great collection. I am partial to the rugby team, fresh from their victory with socks and knees still scuffed -- but I also like the Turkish baths photo of brave men willing to pose in just a towel! And the bird photo is fun as well :-)

Barbara Rogers said...

Trying to look hard has a bit of different meaning around here...for the males at least it has to do with their prowess in the bedroom. So I thought that very strange that the girl hockey players were triggering that, which most girls would be happy to do in a more intimate setting! I love the English language!

Mike Brubaker said...

Between formal and informal groups, I think the informal poses work best. But the last photo is my favorite because when you're on stage you want everyone's undivided attention. That's a good crowd.

Alan Burnett said...

We don't seem to do groups anymore. Selfies yes, and even selfies that manage to get your five best mates in: but group shots are beyond the mobile phone generation - no one is willing to sacrifice their own inclusion in order to get the full assembly captured for posterity. Which is a shame, because if you look back at old photos, it is the group shots that are the most revealing. Great photos - just like your examples.

La Nightingail said...

The 3rd & 4th pix are certainly the most relaxed, shall we say? And I like the bird in flight. And that was quite the dinner crowd!!!

Alex Daws said...

Alex Daw has left a new comment on your post "all and sundry.":

oh well I'm going against the grain because I love the first photo. The aunties in their pearls. The blokes looking so chuffed to be home. And you - on a box - just precious.

Tattered and Lost said...

Taking a look at that team shot I can honestly say if I'd been on the opposing team I'd have given you a lot of room.

Lovely birds. They look like Canadian geese, but maybe they have a different name in England.

Wendy said...

I like the rugby team uniform. I guess matching socks was not part of it.

tony said...

Helen gong is slang for medal.My Dad was uninjured at Arheim.I remember my Mum saying he was missing for 3 weeks....but eventually turned up ok "but with just a bad Cold & a pocket full of apples......".
Molly Warriors All !!!!!!
BARBARA yea 'hard' was the word we would have used to describe ourselves as tough guys!
Mike that last photo gives me the shivers..I have never liked talking /performing in front of large audiences. That Lot! STARING!!!!!I think ,faced with them, I would loudly shouted FIRE!!! & ran screaming from the building!
AlanI agree.2 people making 'rabbit-ears' in a selfie,gives nothing. "Selfie" almost = "Disguise".A Group says more (ironically?) about an individual.
Nightingale Yea the family photo is rather 'formal'.Partly,i think,because it was very rare for them all to be together in one place at the same time. My grandfather was married 3 times .Each had a different mother.So the family dynamics, although friendly enough, had definate boundaries .
Alex In both photos i was trying to project an 'image'.In the first "John Wayne" .In the second,"Alan Ladd" !:)
Tattered where we used to live we had hundreds of jackdaws. Canadian Geese are something of an improvement!
Wendy nothing says "mercenaries" more than the way they wear their socks !

All The Young Dudes

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