Sunday, April 01, 2018

abscess makes the heart grow fonder.........

Once Brexit comes, we can,finally,  make those "Pedostrians" fuck off
Thank you Cathy for taking this photo & thank you for your vigilance 
.Dont you ever let those  bastards grind you are worth a  million of them.

One of the things I miss most about retirement is not being able to moan at work about being "a bit poorly"
.I was never off-sick.
Instead,I used to find comfort in going into Work and whinging to everybody about what a brave soldier I was.......!
 'cant do that no more.
I will have to blog about it lucky buggers!
This week I seem (i think) to have developed a tooth/gum abcess.I guess  i need to do something about that. .......
Anyway. I renewed my Labour Party membership last week.I dropped down to £2 a month as I'm now an O.A.P.
Given all this bollocks against Mr Jeremy Corbyn I must begin to be more active in the local party and  join Momentum
By the way Don.Thanks again for the Bob Dylan 'jesus' CD's.
I guess you saw BBC Arena .?  It was even better than I had expected it to be Bob Weir & Phil Lesh.Radio City Music Hall, New York: March 3, 2018
A few photos of when me Don & Margaret went to hear/see  Bob Weir in Manchester (what year was that? no date on the album)  [here:]

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