Saturday, October 20, 2018

jaw bones and tooth rattles........

Look.To begin with, I know my opinion about anything  is irrelivant  .
(But I'm full of cold, and have fuck all to do but rant here today......)
You might be surprised to know that I think this march today in London is just plain wrong
I do not agree with it.Infact,I think  it dangerous.
The idea of going on a March in support of neoliberalism ( which  is what got us into this mess in the first place) is a wee bit daft IMHO.
I voted "Remain" , and would do so again.However, when the Brexiteers say that a "Peoples Vote" (in effect a 2nd referendum) would undermine our democracy, i think they are right.
We must respect the result of the Referendum ( even though I think it's leaders ;Farage:Boris;Rees-Mogg et al are all twats). Besides which, if there was a second referendum, the 'Leavers' would most likely win it again.
I find it depressing that the whole Brexit debate has been framed in terms of nostalgia.
The Brexiteers wishing for a return to the 50's. The Remainers wishing it was 1969 again. It's neither.This never can be.
Personally,  I would be much happier with a "Jeremy Corbyn Red Brexit" than a "Chuka Ummuna  Remain".
A photo i took during The Peoples Assembly March in Manchester in 2015. 80,000 marched. see all my photos here


savannah said...

I've tried to follow what's happening in the UK, but I keep getting stymied by, what I'm sure is my misunderstanding, the idea of the Referendum. Here in the states, a referendum is similar to a poll, it's just on the ballot, but it isn't law. I was surprised that the Leave vote became what would happen with no regard for the Remain votes. I thought, foolishly it seems, that the vote would open dialogue in the UK about what to do next. I know I'm missing something! xo

tony said...

Referendums in UK are very unusual.People are simply not used to the concept.Many of the people who voted in the referendum (mostly 'leavers')had never voted before..for anything.It was a 'popular vote' in that sense.
Say, ten years ago , most UK folk didnt thing "Europe" was an issue, one way or another.
But a combination of the worldwide economic crash: the attendant cutbacks of public services + a fairly right-wing Conservation (tory) government made the mood angry .As with Trump in the US, 'populist politics' got rabid....
As to 'open dialogue' people were given no information beforehand other than "Sunshine.lollypops & roses ".
Personally ,Im in a strange position , I dont particulary like the European Union , but its better than Trump jumping into my bed to occupy the space vacated by a European ex-lover!

savannah said...

Perfect explanation! Thank you! Like you, the MITM was never enthralled by the EU, but always thought the UK had made the best of a "bad affair." Your observation about Marmalade Mugabe is spot on. He is the poster boy for everything wrong in politics today. xo

tony said...

'Marmalade Mugabe' !!!! ??? Farage? Boris May?? ha!
I wonder the collective noun for group of Mugabe's is.......

Anonymous said...

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tony said...

Thank You.
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