Friday, November 02, 2018

it may be someone else's blood soaking into the dust, but i am that dust.

I saw this for sale in Manchester Art Gallery's shop today. My Christmas Present for everybody this year?Maybe Donald Trump or Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon  could make a campaign baseball cap with it?

myself & Cathy went to Manchester Central Libary today (2nd november 2018) to see the plans for Jeremy Deller's Peterloo memorial.
What I saw looks good ,although its hard to tell just from a wee model.
The only doubt is the location between The Midland & G-Mex.

 It will be built in that cordened-off area that ,during Tory Conferences, Boris goes jogging.
 Maybe he will trip up on it?
No more news about my 'Moston Photos' 
.I guess it will all be under wraps until nearer the 200th anniversary next year?
All I have heard,so far, is  that blown-up versions will be displayed in 5 locations throughout the city (billboards?!) i will be a rash.hopefully, [unless i end up on the cutting-room floor......]
a photo i took of the artist Jeremy Deller a few years ago in Manchester Art Gallery.
All my assorted photos from the last couple of weeks are here:
The only other things of note today,in Manchester.
(a) I bought my first ever 'white poppy' in the Quakers Lodge in Manchester. Maybe, one fine day, the good people of Halifax, West Yorkshirewill build a monument to remember  the six people murdered in the town by British Army sabres during the 'Plug Riots' ? 

(b) in Manchester Art Gallery , a young couple stopped me on the stairs and asked if I minded having my photo taken for " a book about 50 men in Manchester". A black & white headshot....
All of a sudden, everybody wants to capture my image! 
( winks ;) to Pulau Pinang)


Kristin said...

Nice post, good slogan. And white poppies all around.

savannah said...

I didn't know about White Poppies. Thank you for the information! xoxo

tony said...

You dont see many white poppys in UK .
I usually buy the tradition red ones ,to remember the sacrifice made by British soldiers, but it tends towards a nationalist mindset .Just last week a UK football player has got a lot of abuse for (on moral/political grounds) refusing to wear one during a game."Poppy Shame:James McClean"
I wonder ,do they have anything similar in the U.S. ?
some background on White Poppys

savannah said...

Nov. 11th, is Veterans Day here. It's a Federal holiday to honor all those who have served in the military. Memorial Day, also a Federal holiday, is always the last Monday in May and is in honor of all those who've died in wars. It was intended to not only honor them, but to remind Americans of the real price of war: human lives.

Sadly, we have a tendency to use the military as political props, especially under the current administration, and forget about them, in terms of care not only after service, but their families while they're in service.

It seems we don't have white or red poppies here, we just have huge sales of all sorts of things to commemorate our soldiers, living or dead. and more's the pity. xo