Friday, January 11, 2019

"Royal train 1905-06 India"

i took this photo tonight in Manchester   My long standing friends  & confidants Jim Stridgen & Ken Kersley.;in the Sir_Ralph_Abercromby Pub

So, I went to Hebden Bridge Antique Centre
and found these 3 train related photos.
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"Royal  train 1905-06 India"
"Gierrol a gauehe dces fetits garde"
I have been in Manchester this week. Photos here;


Wendy said...

Oh the royal train looks like the best of luxury. That last train has the strangest engine I've ever seen.
Always enjoy your music - I have trouble leaving your website.

smkelly8 said...

I'd love to ride luxurious train like the royal train.

smkelly8 said...

I'd love to sample the luxury of the Royal Train. Those were the days.

Mike said...

I always enjoy your music. Your photos always have unusual perspectives and The photo of your two friends remind me of Carnival barkers.

La Nightingail said...

I wish the royal train car pic' was in color. I'll bet it was decorated in deep rich colors. Cute kids in the second photo. And I agree with Wendy, that was a very weird looking engine pulling that car in the last picture, but - whatever works! :)

Kathy said...

Today's music is especially compelling. Makes viewing the photographs even better.

Tattered and Lost said...

All three photos are fascinating together. Each giving a different feeling about trains. The royal car has me thinking of the some the super expensive RVs I've been in at RV shows. Some really do feel like you're in some sort of traveling palace. And that final shot, what an unfortunate looking design. I this case it's definitely function over form.

Sue McPeak said...

Royal train a luxurious way to travel back in the day and quite a contrast from the last train with the travelers hanging out the windows. Enjoyed your slideshow and music.

Martin said...

Your blog never disappoints, Tony. Just catching up.

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