Wednesday, May 22, 2019

it was Cathy's Birthday yesterday

Lots of pressies & phonecalls.

"It's good of you to ask me sir To tell you how I spend my day..........." link:

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This week ,I've been a little pissed off with the new BBC /HBO Drama "Gentleman Jack" starring Suranna Jones. Now, its (yet another) chance to see Halifax on TV. Great!
But is Anne Lister such a great "Icon"? She introduced coal mining to Shibden. She sent girls as young as 8 to work 10 hours shifts underground.
'Might be worth you reading this  report of how she abused the  poor people of Halifax.
Patience Kershaw reported "."sometimes the miners beat me if i am not fast enough:
I push carts for 11 miles a day. my life is terrible..." 

Not Very Sexy Halifax!


Kristin said...

Glorifying the opressors, always bad news. The water in your photos is beautiful. And happy birthday to Cathy.

tony said...

Indeed Kristin.
Cathy says Thank You for your Birthday greeting to her.

Sackerson said...

I don't know Cathy but wish her a happy birthday from me. The Lakes is a great place for a day out - we go there quite a lot. BTW, a title for May's memoirs? It has to be "I, Maybot." Surely.

tony said...

"Maybot" be gone!
Thanks for your Birthday Greeting to Cathy. It has been passed on.