Sunday, February 16, 2020

and my mama cried

And my mama cried........dreamed I was an eskimo ,frozen wind began to blow under my boots 'n around my toe frost had bit the ground below was a hundred degrees below zero...................
Ken & Stan

Stan The Man was in the same class as me at Clare Hall Halifax 1963-1968
A wonderful bloke.
He died a few weeks back & me & Ken attended his funeral on Thursday.
A very professional  & kind service. They even hired horses,plumes, people in black hats & jompers to carry his coffin to the service
'funeral  ended , as Family & Friends walked out the Crem, Stan's  favourite tune played LOUD!. "Dont Eat The Yellow Snow"
Bravo Stanley.You Won.

Me,Phil & Stan.
*I.P. Address :
 *I.P. Address :

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