Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Trial of Keef Starmer

I'm in pretty much the same place that I was on July1st 2016 when I took this photo.
Me & Cath were in Picadilly Gardens Manchester.At the time of the first "Chicken Coup" against Mr Corbyn.
A Protest in his support.
Other photos from that day are here:

I notice on twitter today that several legal folk have offered their services free when/if it any future Trial happens.
 Keith Starmer will be forced to disclose some of his secrets?.
Bring It On!
Note this sum is made up of ordinary people making modest donations.£5's £10's seems the typical sums involved.(note :this appeal began on Thursday 23rd July )
This seems apt.taken at another Manchester demo.I mean, there is bugger all else to do for the next 4 years.May as well kick up a fuss!

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