Saturday, August 15, 2020

Krumlin 1970

You can even buy this new book with a foreword from Brian Highley :

Brian Highley Bio. (Festival Organiser & interviewed in this clip)


I went to this! Aged 18. I was working as a Student Nurse at Stansfield View Hospital in Todmorden..(must have had the weekend off). Still living with my Mum & Dad in Halifax. £3 for a weekend ticket. A bit of a shambles, but I had nothing to compare it with, so I was happy as a pig in shit!

My head was full of Friendz & OZ Magazines. Timothy Leary & Co. 8 months later I had jacked in my nurse training and gone to live & work in London (St Pauls Youth Hostel)

Highlights for me was listening to Sandy Denny singing and (god help me ) Elton John.


That handbill wasn't 'who' actually appeared here is a list of who finally took the stage....

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