Thursday, October 15, 2020

White Riot


Try and catch the excellent movie "White Riot" on SKY ART tomorrow (Friday 16th October) at 10 pm . 

Lots of great rare live footage (eg The Clash) of the birth of Rock Against Racism . 

Heavily featured is Red Saunders it's founder. 

Here is Red with Cath a couple of years ago.


savannah said...

Her4e we are again on both sides of the pond! Be well, sweetpea! xoxo

tony said...

Cossed Fingers & Love Savvy X

Sackerson said...

Missed it! I should do the rounds of blogland more often. With the internet I've gradually realized who parochial my (most people's?) musical taste used to be. To bear things you had to buy singles/albums, go to gigs or be lucky enough to hear something good on the radio. One's "playlist" gradually, cautiously and slightly randomly accumulated. Good things were so easy to miss. When I look back on the music I used to know I think it's a shame I didn't get into The Minutemen, James Chance and The Contortions, to name but two. I never picked them up (and lots of other great acts) on my analogue radar.

tony said...

Yea plenty I have missed too over the years..... we take what we need i guess.....

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