Thursday, December 24, 2020

Los Ojos de Pancha




Veronica Fernandez Zimnoch lives in Argentina.She's a Lawyer in Buenos Aires  She's my Great Grand Niece.

Her Grandad, & my Uncle, was  Antonio Zimnoch (my namesake) . He was ten years younger than my Dad. They last saw each other in 1939 when my dad was conscripted into The Soviet Army ( later to desert and join the Free Polish Airforce  in UK.)

After the war, my uncle married an Italian lass and moved to Argentina.

Apart from the occasional letter , they never contacted each other.Although ,oddly , they died within weeks of each other in 1984.

I still keep in touch with Veronica via facebook.

Antonio Zimnoch : my namesake.


savannah said...

Happy Christmas, Tony, to you and yours! xoxo

tony said...

Merry Christmas Savvy .My warmest greetings & Love for the New Year XXX

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