Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I am a fat bastard

Just a quick update on my health . 

Yesterday morning I went to see the consultant at The Ear Nose & Throat Clinic at Calderdale Royal Hospital , Halifax.

( He was a really nice bloke)

 I was half expecting to hear him mutter words like "Thyroid" & "Cancer"  .But instead he gave me a clean bill of health, other than saying if I lost a couple of stone , my wobbly -neck should vanish . 

Which is a great relief, obviously . 'Seems I am still immortal , for another few days at least....! 

Although it might  beg a few questions as to why I was there in the first place? 

At the end of the examination with the consultant  , for want of something else to say , I asked him  to translate the blood tests the GP  had taken over two weeks ago.

It turns out they showed my thyroids were ok . Had I known this ,I would not have spent all this time worrying and 'imagining the worst' . .

I should really have been having having these conversations with my GP  ( who I have neither seen or spoken to, throughout  this whole process........) 


Kurt said...

The rate at which you are dying remains unchanged!

tony said...

I am a work in progress ...:)

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