Wednesday, June 23, 2021

waiting for news of my prescription........


We went in the Antique Place near Hebden Bridge Surgery

 It's the first time I've been in there since the start of Covid.

 Lots of new 'Old Stuff'. For example this 18th century Ball & Chain . A snip at £350 .Although why ,& who for , you would buy one..I'm not sure....... 

After my "Thyroid" & "Cancer" Adventures at the hospital last week..... ( turned out I'm just fat ! ) today I went to see my Blood Pressure Nurse . 

 Previously she had thought I *might* need 'to go on tablets' for it. Thankfully my readings today are much better, so I have been spared that. I asked her to translate all my Blood Results, which mostly are very good . No problems regarding diabetis , liver , etc The only dodgy scores were for vitamin deficiencies ( B & D ) 

.Someone is ringing me tommorrow to sort out a prescription for meds for this. Probably tablets..although she did warn I might need injections ( 6 over two weeks!) But hopefully not that........ 

Anyway , all in all, good news on the health front . My nurse was especially impressed by my kidneys . She said I had "the kidneys of a 12 year old". Which is good news for me, although maybe not so good for that 12 year old...........?

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