Friday, September 17, 2021

The Grayston Unity: Halifax

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Kristin said...

I remember listening to this song in New York in 1969. I had decided to leave Detroit and start over in NYC after my graduation from university. I moved back in less than three months. I was there for the big blizzard. I don't think she was singing it though. It was Judy Collins. Looking out of the window of the apartment of a Belgian woman who taught French at Columbia. Such a long time ago. I should write it up.

tony said...

Yea, I remember the Judy Collins version . Hard to say which I prefer.Maybe I don't even need to choose. !
Joni Mitchell i probably appreciate more now than I did at the time.
1969, I think I had started working in local "handicap" hospital as a Cadet Nurse....very remote place...right up high on The Yorkshire Moors.Pretty Bleak & Creepy . Charles Dickens meets Stephen King!