Monday, February 21, 2022

Sea Power : Hebden Bridge Trades Club

I went to see Sea Power at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club last night !

 Bit of a surprise I was there tbh. Tickets for this Launch of their new album had been sold out weeks ago. I was a bit sick not to be seeing them ( I've seen them 5 times before .The first time being 2006 in Manchester ).But had resigned myself to missing today. 

But i heard it thru the grapevine that ,because of the fear of floods & transport disruption over the weekend , many of their travelling Barmy Army from Leeds & Manchester had blobbed.So tickets to spare! I dashed down to the Trades at 8:30pm on the night , they were due onstage at 9 , and got in ! Phew! From Slippers to Rock N Roll in 20 minutes! I should be in The Olympics !

 A Strange Coda to the evening Halfway through the set , a bloke next to me , had what i think was a suspected heart attack. His partner asked me to "look after him" while she fought thru the mosh pit to ring an ambulance & alert staff. After 10 minutes , she came back with them. and we helped the bloke down the Fire Escape at the back of the building. As he left the building the band played " No Lucifer". And in a further creepy twist, one of their new songs mentions " Fire Escapes" in the lyrics ! I hope he was ok........? 



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