Tuesday, July 26, 2022

See video of BBC’s "The Gallows Pole" shoot up Erringdon Moor at Cragg Vale

View the Sony Promotional (3 minute )video + text  Here:  


"Shane Meadows is known for his naturalistic style of filmmaking. 

Those who have worked with the director know that he likes improvisation from his actors and camera work that allows for a bit of serendipity. 

 Few are more aware of this than cinematographer Danny Cohen, who has worked with Meadows on multiple projects, including Dead Man’s Shoes and This Is England, as well as the TV spin-offs This Is England ‘86 and This Is England ‘88. 

So, when Cohen began work on Meadows’ new period drama, The Gallows Pole, he knew it would be a challenge to relish. 

The BBC period drama tells the tale of a group of 18th century workers in Yorkshire, as they gang together and conspire to run the biggest fraud ever seen in Britain. The show is populated by recognizable faces from British TV and major cinema releases, as well as a host of new talent. Meadows wanted to give them all creative freedom with their performances, while making sure he could capture every moment possible. 

And that meant plenty of camera coverage. Cohen chose for his crew to shoot on four Sony cameras: two VENICEs, one FX6 and one FX3. Designed to work together and complement each other, these Sony Cinema Line cameras have common strengths that made them ideal for Meadows’ period production: excellent latitude, natural skin tones and a filmic image."

A Couple of my own photos taken there 


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