Thursday, May 16, 2024

Smile and the World smiles with you

Asthma & Sinus have been very ropy for me this week (.+bad headaches & poor sleep )
 I went to the Hebden Bridge Medical Practice  this morning to get an emergency script for my Asthma .
 But a funny thing happened to me on the way  to Boots Chemist to collect my   meds . 
Stood in front of me while I queued ,was a bonny well dressed young lass ( probably only about 16/17) who  was stood in front of a large advertising display at the counter .
She was preening and admiring herself ,adjusting her hair/makeup etc etc  for 2 or 3 minutes in front of what was a screen & camera  that I thought  attached to the Display .

  it seemed  unusually novel  to have a camera attached to an advertisement. 'Never seen that before.I was intrigued to find out the purpose of it all.

Anyway, her preening complete, she walked away from the counter and  went  looking  around the rest of the Chemist .
So  went to look at the screen myself . i got up close,  Gurning , smiling ,pulling faces .
Eventually , she silently she come up behind me , and snatched what was infact her mobile phone , and stormed out of the Chemist.

 apologised ( she probably thought I was going to steal it!).But she  didn't say a single word to me .

Afterwords , i wondered if she might have been  "live streaming" some fashion piece ? Maybe me Gurning is now all over Instagram or You Tube?

I walked in an  Asthmatic but walked out a Fashion Icon !



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