Tuesday, January 01, 2019


Wishing all my courageous readers a good New Year. 
Whatever you wish, may it come true .
July 30th 2018. My birthday. Photo i took outside HOME in Manchester opposite the statue of Engels.
Me, Cathy & Chris in Greece when younger  .Photo taken my my Mum.
Bob from Bacup was in hospital (Blackburn) on Christmas Day. He's back home now. Me & Chris drove up to Bacup this afternoon to see him. I took this photo of  the  astronomy centre
Up on the Tops ,on the way over.................


Roy said...

Happy New Year Tony!

Tom said...

happy new year! Hoping all your dreams for 2019 come true!

Sackerson said...

Happy new year if I've not wished you that already! I've not seen the astronomy centre but, if I remember right, I used to pass a fenced-off, low, black tower thing on the moor on the Hebden Bridge to Oxenhope road. I understood it to be Bradford university cosmic waves observatory?

tony said...

Thank You Your New Greetings.
"black tower" on the Oxenhope Road? I was never aware......(?) I will investigate! (must be tons of cosmic waves eminating outta Hebden.....)

Sackerson said...

Weird. I've just tried googling the mysterious tower. I can't find any trace of it. Can't find it on Google Maps either although there is one place that might have been it at one time. As I remember it, it was like a black oildrum on a wooden platform, surrounded by a fence. There might have been a shed with it.