Sunday, October 20, 2019

worryingly like the cover of sergeant pepper

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I finally made the stage of Hebden Bridge Trades Club.
(another one now crossed -off  "the bucket list".....)
 Chris Williamson ( MP for Derby North) had some interesting observations about the current shenanigans in Westminister.
He was (of course) there yesterday & then going straight back to Parliament ,from Hebden Bridge, for further adventures tomorrow.....!
As a speaker, he reminds me very much of the late-great Tony Benn (who hated the E.U.) ,I heard Mr Benn   speak in Bury , many moons ago.... 
I have no problem with "Brexit". I might well vote for it myself (next time?) .I am no big fan of the E.U.
But it's Boris & Farage  & Trump i hate .......
Those Posh Boys want to fuck us up the arse.....

Capisci ?

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