Thursday, April 28, 2022

Filming 'Happy Valley' in Hebden Bridge

Nearly 2 hours of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss live! The quality is more than ok, i think.......

I went into Hebden Bridge today for a haircut. 

While there, I took these photos of them filming the new series of " Happy Valley". I'm a bit snooty about the show tbh. But it was interesting to look at how they go about it.

 I was more excited by the fact that half an hour before I took this photo , I had been in the 'Country Stores' and the lass behind the counter was all in a tiz because Robert Plant ( Led Zeppelin ) had just been in to buy a Steak & Ale Pie 

. He had played in Halifax last night , and was driving back over the tops , taking 'the scenic route' 

I always imagine him a veggie. Shows how much I know........ I mean , in retrospect, I might have seen a Plantish figure stood alone eating, near some busker. But everybody in Heden Bridge looks like that! How was I supposed to know....?

Audio is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Louisville, KY April 18, 2008 


And the riot squad they're restless, they need somewhere to go..........


Kurt said...

They're always filming in my neighborhood. The other day it was Gossip Girl.

tony said...

All The World's A Stage, & then some!

savannah said...

I thought this post was going to be about plant-based food and not Robert Plant! LOL I think I've been back in L.A. too long! xoxo

tony said...

Food For Thought ! :)

All The Young Dudes

  Me ,in white,  throwing some glorious "Sid Viscous Shapes" :)