Saturday, October 12, 2013

All That Is Solid Melts Into The Air.......

"All that is solid melts into air, all that is holy is profaned, and man is at last compelled to face with sober senses his real conditions of life......"KARL MARX
a photo I took of the Artist Jeremy Deller mending the jukebox .But turning 'round & clocking me!
Among his previous projects was a coast-to-coast road trip across the USA displaying the remains of a car blown up in Iraq {read more...} 

Me & Mrs Gentle Author  went to Manchester today to see the new exhibition at it's Art Gallery called "All That Is Solid Melts Into The Air" {details}
Its on until early January.Try go see,its rather good!
Afterwards, me & "Mrs" went to watch the opening of The Manchester Dashehra Diwali Mela outside The Town Hall.

Me & Cathy go see Maxine Peake at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club on Wednesday .A fund- raiser for "The Morning Star".Details of her band [here]
Elizabeth Southern was one of The Pendle Witches
The voice of the actress Maxine Peake singing with a band she's in (something of a side-project).I hope to put here visuals& audio from her gig in Hebden Bridge on Wednesday night.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

death is a lousy disappearing act

My Son Chris is 25 today. I love the bloke. He's doing really well. Busy building walls .Making Paths.Doing Horticulture. Chopping down trees.He's had some trouble this year.But thanks to HIS strength & the help of  Calderdale NHS (that's even better than Obamacare my American friends!),My Son has grown so strong again .
Meanwhile, Ive not been well for 7 days.(just flu & stuff).& .I sat and watched David Cameron today on the tv
.Irony :(today of all day's) he announced that ,if elected again,he would take away all support for those under 25.Its just so fucking cruel.(READ details  )
(I know I have lots of American readers.I would like to say ,you must be puddled if you don't support Obamacare.)
Me & Brother Zyg in 1961

The old magician takes the stage {n.b.reminding me of David Cameron's speech today& various recent comments from Republican TeaParty spokespeople}
His act does not improve with age  Observe the shabby hat and gloves.... The tired act that no-one loves..... There was a time he produced doves
A mirror and a puff of smoke His mysteries are now a joke
His poor assistant black and blue She's tired of being sawn in two
Hidden trapdoor, velvet cape Still from death there's no escape ......Words of sympathy and tact.... Only underline the fact Death is a lousy disappearing act
Lord have mercy and be kind When our faculties unwind
Overlook the hat and gloves The tired act that no-one loves There was a time we produced doves
The old magician takes the stage With sleight of hand he’ll disengage
As dignified as you’ll allow He’ll take his last, his final bow He’s lost all his illusions now .......
He’ll take one last, one final bow
This weekend each year i go the Rugby League Grand Final at Old Trafford in Salford.We meet beforehand at The Halfway House Pub in Royton.(not going this year due to sickness) I was out drinking with friends in Manchester the other week.My friend Jim Stridgen was telling me something i never knew concerning The Peterloo Massacre in Manchester.
He told me that the woods behind The Halfway House,at Tandle Hill were manmade in the 19th century.Orginally open  land ,local people would assemble there to protest ,talk & plan against the authority of the time.
After Peterloo,fearing further protest,the authorities cunningly planted lots of trees there to make marching & grouping more difficult.
A way of blurring the view? Of altering the landscape to  prevent folk seeing clearly ?It depends on your point of view i suppose.
This week's sepia Theme is around blurred & unclear photos.Here are 3 of mine.The 2nd a fairly recently one ( 2005) on Boston Common.Me Chris & Ayse had walked in it and a sweet lady offered to take a photo of us together.It was February.Tons of snow on the ground.The sun was both blinding & low.Lord knows how she managed it ,but the snow&sun seemed to leech all the detail out of the image.I still like it..albeit in an abstract kinda way.
The 3rd photo is a rare one of me & my Dad .It must have been taken 72-73.I must have been 21 years old at the time....'back from my year away working in a London Youth Hostel.While in London my weight had shot up to 15 stone.I was on a diet (eventually i lost nearly 5 stone!) but i look poorly in the picture.Over 9 months i studied and gained 6 o levels & 2 A levels (i had no qualifications at the time)I passed & later in the  year entered Teacher Training in Liverpool.
But the combination of book-learning & lack of food can be seen in this shot.Its blurred but it still evokes a lot of memory for me.

This is a Sepia Saturday Post

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank You Stanislav Petrov

"Peace" is the Theme this week..So how to photograph it? Surely it's more than an absence.Maybe it's the look  of contentment ? I suppose we are always in transit.....we know the moment will pass.But this photo (taken by my late Mum) tries to defy the moment.Looking at it now,it still work for me.It's not vemödalen  to me.
Although I do remember the circumstances behind the image. The four of us had been walking through this olive grove/marble ruin. I noticed the neat dappled- effect of the sunshine on the leaves.
I gave the camera to my Mum & composed the picture accordingly!
 Chris ,you can see, is shouting & gesturing to Me Mam to make sure she points the camera in the right direction!
1990.Zante.Greece: Me & Cathy & Chris.

This is a Sepia Saturday post.

Perhaps follow the link below? We have this  Russian to thank for our memories:our children:our sepia images ........
Thank You Stanislav Petrov
Станисла́в Евгра́фович Петро́в;

Sunday, September 15, 2013

oh i wish it could ße Christmas everyday..........

Some people might be getting this as a Christmas present this year.The full concert.1st Class Sound.
You can hear a pin drop (plus me cough & clicking my camera!)
 No Jazz Home should be without one!
ße nice to me & I will make it worth your while.
See {Previous Post} for more detail.
here is a video of Krystal performing for Steven Spielberg, singing "Miss Celie's Blues" Taken from the film "The Color Purple" .Just Imagine at Xmas she might be performing just for you! a wee preview of a small portion of the concert (quality nowhere near as good as the cd but 'will give u a flavour)

Friday, September 13, 2013

forget me not..........

Me & Cath went to see Krystle Warren at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club last night.We met up with Marguerite there.It was nice to see her.
 If you like the audio sample above, (i seemed to have sorted out my starch problem!) I have recorded the entire concert!
Email me at with your postal address & I will send you a copy!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

flying man.......

Me and Cathy went to see Jim White at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club last night.
I took this audio: strangly scratchy sound.....the recorder was on my knee.I must remember not to put so much starch in my jeans in future! But ,never mind! It still gives a certain flavour of a fascinating night..
..Man! Jim White is James Ellroy meets Johnny Cash ! A 3 hour gig .....The best concert  I've been too for a rather long time.
See some pix here
+Read here a Review from a London gig a few days previous.....A Wizard:A True Star!

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Thursday, September 05, 2013

a little like water, only it's grass.............

This week's theme is around boats and such......older readers will remember that  my Mum's side of the family had certain sailors,but my Polish Dad's family had none.The Polish Navy is hardly famous.Their  armadas had always to set sail on dry land...............
 Late, by myself, in the boat of myself,
no light and no land anywhere,
cloudcover thick. I try to stay
just above the surface, 
yet I'm already under 
and living with the ocean 
Sepia Saturday's prompt this week is "Some times you just need to be alone. You need space : space to think, space to breathe, space to contemplate your place in the great scheme of things..."
And so I thought  about my brother Ziggy in 1965. Look!He is sunbathing on a deckchair in true Hank B Marvin fashion on our front garden at Savile Crescent ,Halifax. A   little like water,except it's grass..........
Last weekend I went to a Garden Party in Cheshire.It was at my friend and ex- teaching colleague Barbara's house.
I lived and worked in Cheshire for 3 years in the early 80's.
For those that dont know,Cheshire is Rural,Posh,Well- Heeled,very quiet..and a relaxing place.Quite how i got to Cheshire {& subsequently left,} is unclear to me (!) Just one of the many random things I peppered my life with.
I arrived in Cheshire  after working in a rough n.tough, inner- city East London (East Ham & Plaistow).I swapped Ian Dury for John Constable .I swapped The Sweeney for The Archers.......
My visit last weekend made me realise I dont fully remember the person I was then & the person I might have become .Most odd
.For those of us who travel,we leave bits of us behind us as breadcrumbs.We leave a  trail,in  case we need to find a way back.....
Maybe Cheshire was my "space to think, space to breathe..."?
The rural flat farming landscape is the nearest I ever came to my Dad's childhood Polish village .Maybe that was it........?
As well as landscape,I,ve always been attracted to extremes. My Mum came from Upper Class roots:My Dad was a working class mill worker.Chalk & Cheese but it worked for them.Ive always felt fairly classless.Accepting all, but always  (to some extent) an outsider and observer..
last Saturday lunchtime in Church Minshull.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

dont old people look sweet?

My mate's addicted to drinking brake fluid but he reckons he can stop at any time........
Phil the Ex-Fireman's Mum ,Madge,died a few weeks ago.Me & Ken took him out drinking in Halifax to cheer ourselves up.
Tuesdays are very quiet in Town during the week.As we sat in Cookies Bar nursing our Pints,a lovely young lass (Zoe, a vague friend of Ken's) started putting 40's Music on the jukebox.A discussion began about the merits of Doris Day & the erotic appeal of petticoats.She insisted we all danced with her in turn.It was nice to see her put a smile on Phil's face.
Later in the evening,as we listened to Phil & Ken sing Small Faces songs, i leaned over to Zoe and whispered "arnt old people sweet!". She gave me a slightly dismissive look.This i interpreted as her thinking i looked much younger than Ken & Phil.....& i shouldnt poke fun at my elders.Point Taken!
See all the night's photos here

Sunday, August 25, 2013

free hugs from Hebden Bridge

I went down to a Private Viewing of  Mick Kidd & Annie Lawson 's "Wooly Yarns" this afternoon. what a lovely time! Its on until 11th October.If your in town,please go visit & say hello.Lovely exhibition/lovely people.
I went to see an old friend of Clive's ,Mick Kidd (aka Biff) Famous textual cartoonist of Guardian fame.What a grand  chap.
Here are a few photos ( a 10 minute video of him reading from his new book-that mentions Clive..will follow here tomorrow /its proving a Pig to upload/sorry) It was the Real Deal .Most odd.....I walked into Hebden afterwards & the 'Free Hugs guy'seemed like a cartoon...........
You know,back in the day,one of the biggest insults the counter culture could throw at you was that you  were a "weekend hippy".These days Hebden Bridge seems to have perfected the art of "The Bank Holiday Hippy". Not knocking, but if its worth doing,then why not ALL the time:Why not everywhere?

Clive up norfth..........

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wanda Sikes Boyd-where are you?

I get worse & worse at visiting:reading & replying to your comments.I am sorry.I will visit & be social again before my next post here! (that was ,obviously a lie! BUT! I shall return soon!)
Those of you who use facebook will know that ,if you click "messages" & click again on another subfolder ,messages (usually from unknown people) are stored there.Sometimes I dont think to look there and a message can sit  unopened/unread  (in my case,for up to 6 months!).
By chance i looked there this week & found this message.It's a bit of a mystery because (a) I cant recall the photo mentioned(b) I dont know Wanda(c) it was impossible to reply to her (she wasnt recognised by facebook-and even a Google search of her proved zilch....... )
So.Wanda Sikes Boyd..if you read this..get in touch again,but not via facebook!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dream walking in York

"To dream that you are at a picnic represents a happy and peaceful domestic life. To dream of seeing a picnic basket hints of an opportunity to gain knowledge then impart your thoughts and insights to others"{from:} .Oh.OK..............
".....There were many families in attendance and there had been a picnic atmosphere prior to the attack..."[read more}
This is a Sepia Saturday post.

People seem to Walk a lot at the moment? For example The Rochdale Ghost Walks .sounds like fun,i must try that one!            And I've been on a couple of John Billingsly's Walk through Heptonstall recently.

While in Surrey (where,admittedly ,everyone in Bonkers) a group of Unremarkable men walk 40 miles for no particular reason My heart warms to them when they describe the planning of their walk .......
Ian said: "Simon came up with the idea of calling it 'Beach to Bench 2013', so we found a random bench on The Nower which was not special in any shape or form."It was falling apart a bit and half buried in a hedge. If it had had some redeeming feature I think we would have shied away, but because a few slats were missing we thought, 'This is perfect'."
BUT!What I really want to do is go the York Dream Walks  Imagine!Walking people through your dreams!
Taken in Halifax.other details unknown,But I am minded to think they are off for a nice picnic....?
If you read my post the other day you will know that today we travelled to Manchester to remember those murdered there.To lay wreaths and such. Here is a video I took of the actress Maxine Peake reading out the names of 3 of those who died.......
{this is taking ages to download for some reason?As soon as it's downloaded,i will embed it here..} To know that Martha Partington was "Thrown into a cellar and killed on the spot..." somehow seems to worse...?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Margaret Downes was murdered with a sabre.

Some recent Photos I have taken.See My full image Album by clicking [here]
A bit of a 'political' few days for the gentle author! Tonight I attend a meeting (the first) of a new Calderdale anti-fracking group in Hebden Bridge.
You may remember ? my recent post which mentioned The Peterloo Massacre in Manchester . Well ,tomorrow , Me,Cathy ,Chris (& meeting Capo Martin there?) go to Manchester for a ceremony to mark the 192nd anniversary of that event. (hopefully , my photos & videos of it shall be be planted into this post  afterwards)
 Here is some background about the campaign to get a suitable monument built in the city to remember the dead (& the birth of the right to vote). As to the Anniversary itself,other events are being held over the weekend (eg in Oldham & Rochdale).
The Manchester event tomorrow will include wreath laying & the public naming of the dead ( read out by the Mayor of Manchester & the actressMaxine Peake Kick Off is 1pm (near the Radisson Hotel).There is also a walking tour of battle sites ,leaving The Midland Hotel at 11am..but I doubt our train will arrive in time for us to go to that?.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Invasion of the baby-boomers

Look! your gentle author is now an eco-warrior!

This is a Sepia Saturday post.
This first photo is taken from a private collection of early 70's in Halifax I entitled Invasion Of The Baby-Boomers And why the devil not?

"....all manner of strange or unidentified contraptions. And if you are fresh out of contraptions there is always cars or people sat in ridiculous positions....."
A Family photo taken in upstate New York in the very early 1900's.Taken by my great grandfather.A whole series of these photos can be found here
I have a new flash looking photo album here  .It looks better than before...but I havnt got the hang of the settings yet ..So no photo badge at the moment(does it still have that option?who knows.....I dont!)
Anyway....... ...... here are today's new photos..mostly taken by Cath at Hardcastle Crags where the BBC are filming a new costum drama /follow up to Pride and Prejudice with a host of B-List British tv eg Trevor Eve (who someone once said I looked like.....) & the purty young Dr Who sidekick (joy!)......

PJ Harvey has released a song to highlight the ongoing detention of the last British resident held inside the US prison at Guantánamo Bay. The track, called Shaker Aamer was recorded by the Mercury prizewinning songwriter to help maintain pressure to have the 46-year-old, whose family live in south London, released back to Britain.
Aamer has been detained in Guantánamo for more than 11 years, despite being cleared for release in 2007, and remains imprisoned without charge or trial. He has a British wife and his four children -- the youngest of whom he has never met -- were all born in Britain. They live in Tooting, south London.
The British government has stated repeatedly that it wants him back in the UK and last week, under escalating international pressure, the US announced it is to restart transfers from the prison. Concerns remain, however, that Aamer might be forcibly sent to Saudi Arabia and imprisoned there instead of being reunited with his family in the UK. Aug 2013
Read About Shaker Aamer [Here]

Thursday, August 01, 2013

who is Elegbara?

press play to hear my post
Robert Johnson & Johnny Shines

"In Africa, almost every cultural group has its own version of the crossroads god. Legba, Ellegua, Elegbara, Eshu, Exu, Nbumba Nzila, and Pomba Gira are African and African-diaspora names (in several languages) for the spirit who opens the way, guards the crossroads, and teaches wisdom. ........" [read more about Crossroad Lore Worldwide]
This is a Sepia Saturday post.OK this week's post is about blokes in hats (& indirectly boats).
My photos& Videos from John Billingsley walk in Heptonstall here
"As trickster, Eshu is associated with disorder and destiny in the Yoruba pantheon. As "orisa orita" or "esu orita", orisha of the crossroad or the corners, Elegba represents the transitional or center point of the crossroad where one must make a decision. In this position, Elegba represents all the bewilderment and confusion one faces when attempting to make the proper choice. Once the choice is made, he is involved in the consequences and through his own devices guides us towards and along our proper path....." Who Is Elegba?

a photo i took in 2009 on The Albert Dock in Liverpool.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

61 Bi-Polar Bears (sod the 99 red balloons...)

I am 61 on Tuesday.
If you want to help me celebrate you might want to know I am PAYPAL;WONGA & CHURCH of ENGLAND ®. compliant.
To celebrate my birthday, British Sea Power rode into Hebden Bridge on Friday.(they brought a couple of their Bi_Polar Bears with them!) See my photos HERE

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Madge Davidson

Madge Davidson died at 9pm last night at her home in Halifax.
She would have been 83 in September.
I have known her  since 1963 (she is the mother of Phil).
Rest In Peace Lovely Lady.
 here are some photos from her 80th Birthday...almost 3 years ago.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

England's Dreaming.

A series of 16 short films each detailing a crime of the British monarchy, based on Heathcote Williams' poem "Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy": RB opening - The Sex Pistols argument, Killing an Ibis, Mad Monarchs, Michael X, Harry Trouble, I Danced With A Man, Foot in Mouth, Folk on the Hill, Knighthoods, Milton Gas, Glitter Freeze, Swift Justice, Raj Doubt, Gaunt etc, Koh I Noor, Paine & Thoth/Blake Acres Zappa.

Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy 
“Heathcote Williams has devised a form of polemical poetry that is unique” Peter Whitfield, author of ‘The History of English Poetry’ “I admire a poetry that is no-holds-barred personal and political. Heathcote Williams’ serial poem ‘Royal Babylon in the relaunched International Times is proper political poetry” NIall McDevitt in the Morning Star “It’s a phenomenal piece of work” Jeremy Hardy “Where are the Poetry Police when we need them ?” JC/Times Literary Supplement Above are some of my weekend's photos.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

.Margaret Downes

No "big sticks" but I did find this  photo of a bar (Gateshead,19th Century)

It's been warm here in Blighty.Hot nights:vivid dreams.
Have you ever dreamed people? People who,in the dream,you think know intimately .You seem to comprehend their back-story & they  yours.
Not just one person ,maybe dozens, a searing mass of characters before your eyes .You are best buddies with  them all!
And have you ever woken & realized this knowing was an illusion.Rather sad when a friend becomes a stranger in an instant.When a meeting becomes only a theatricality.........
I was always surprised I had sufficient imagination to create a whole cast of characters out of thin air......Then recently on the radio I heard another explanation .It was suggested we never forget a face.
The person I dreamed last night might be somebody i saw on a London street in 1979.Maybe we smiled at each other for a few seconds as we brushed past one another on The Romford Road.The moment was quickly forgotten.But maybe that memory;that image remained....and I used as my template for last night night dream?
It doesn't really matter in itself.But the mind as camera is a nice concept. A belief that nothing is ever lost or deleted..........Nature Wastes Nothing!............ As I say, it's warm:I ramble............

And So (the gentle author wipes sweat off his brow and sips his beer). Sepia Saturday's prompt is "You can choose; or go with armour, helmets, shields, fancy dress, pantomime, theatricals, warlike women or big sticks". .....ok (another sip)
But Sepians,I have a problem here.I need to talk about Margaret Downes .But nobody today knows her.There are no photos or paintings of her (sepia or otherwise).We know nothing about her life.I know more about the Blonde Chick in last night's erotic dream!
All I know about Margaret is that she lived in Manchester until 1819,she died on August 16th that year.She was murdered with a sabre by a (possibly) drunken British soldier.
She was one of 15 murdered that day.(between 400-700 others were injured)
Which doesn't help me find out about Margaret's Life.
She died in what was to become known as "The Peterloo Massacre".60000 working people held a rally in Manchester that day.They wanted to complain about their lives (Poverty:no Vote:etc)This was the biggest even crowd seen in Britain at the time.To placate the authorities ,the organizers asked the crowd beforehand to be peaceful and "Wear Your Sunday Best".
 As the speakers on the stage began the speeches..the crowd applauded them and shouted agreement.The soldiers on duty around the crowd (many drunk) mistook the noise for hostility and charged them. Then Margaret died.You can read the detail here
I must take some photos of the St Peter's area (if you know Manchester,it's near the Midland Hotel) The Irony is that many of those killed & injured were themselves  former troops who had fought in The Battle Of Waterloo.War Vets..they had been demobbed:were out of work;in poverty......Hence it became know as "Peterloo".
Shelley wrote the famous Poem The Masque of Anarchy about Peterloo.It contains the words "Ye are many — they are few" which was used by the Recent Occupy Movement.
Which still doesn't get us any closer to Margaret does it........

SATURDAY UPDATE: Today I went to Rawtenstall for a cheeky little Sarspararilla atMr Fitzpatrick's Temperance Bar.It's Britain's last such pub/bar.
I remember, as a kid, they had a Temperance Pub up Haley Hill in Halifax.
Temperance Bars were particularly common in 19th century Northern England.
I must say the brew were very tasty on a warm Lancashire afternoon.I raised a glass to John Wesley .
Sunderland Madge  (Phil the X-Fireman's Mum )who i mentioned last week ,is out of Intensive Care and in an Ordinary Ward.I visit her tomorrow. 'Got her a bottle of 'Mr Fitzpatrick Blood Tonic Cordial'.Lord knows what she will make of that............ wikipedia:history of Temperance Bars

Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Chants from Failed Cultures

The album was gloomy and perverse.the producers had visited diverse groups of indigenes around the world, remarkable only for their persistence in chanting to no avail. Here were the Ketchem of Belize with their muttering eructation 'Fall Out of the Water-Fish'.The I-Arana of Guinea ,disillusioned cargo cultists who moan gently,'Get Me Room Service', and many others too tedious and depressing to mention. ...... My son James didn't help.He'd picked up a couple of the failed chants and as I put him to bed that night he said,in passable Uraic 'Lo!The crops are withering'.Somehow, even among the cartoon stickers and the bright bendy limbs of bendy toys,this didn't sound as incongruous as it perhaps should have. ..........
 Will Self~The Quantity Theory of Insanity 

Rain isnt "sexy" is it? Sun IS:Floods ARE...but nobody ever wanted to get their camera wet did they?Above is a photo taken on Sunday morning 1970 as Me & the Krumlin survivors left defeated........
Photos From My Hebden Bridge Fashion-Shoot on Thursday, [here]



{above.Sunday 14th July 2013:White Eagle Lodge:Rawden,Leeds}
Don't Worry! I haven't "Found Religion"...I went to the White Eagle Lodge in Leeds today supporting someone's healing. I went there 9 years ago.....(that time i just had a cup of Tea then buggered off to Bramley Russian Baths while Cathy went to a Service.This time I stayed.It was good.A long meditation in the middle of the service.A Nice Touch)
 I also went to a White Eagle service once in Kensington ,London a few moons ago. It's Christian...with Spiritualism/Buddism /Chakras thrown into the mix:"1930's New Age".Pre-Hippy/Beatnick/World War 2.............
I gather times are hard & they are having to sell the Kensington Lodge.A lovely Building with a cracking & very eclectic library.A Shame,
They are actually nice people .Middle Class & elderley ..The physical Leeds Lodge is in  a beautiful setting,~albeit a former Council Mortuary building   in a (pun) previous life~ A Cheeky Thought did occur to me while I was there.....the building & setting would make a perfect location for a Turkish Bath......Maybe,if I win the Lottery,i could make those Eagles an offer they couldnt refuse?
The Church's Manners are   very low key,yet warm & friendly.......Imagine Jesus had been born in a stable in Surrey instead of Palestine..this is the sort of religion we have here.The whole religion reminds me of something created by William Morris and/or Eric Gill............ White Eagle:wiki
Eric Gill:wiki
Finally.Seriously. I was due to visit The Beautiful Madge from Sunderland in her home yesterday.But just before I arrived ,she had been rushed into Halifax Hospital (again).She is hanging on today,but it is serious.I said several prayers for her today.I hope & your Gods might do the same too?

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

what me Mam taught me.
(odeio bala de boyyacha taca halls)

I dont know how my image for this week's Sepia Saturday. fits the Theme.......It's a group of people.They share a common purpose (unknown).It's not not prescriptive,you can imagine your own narrative around it.I find it hopeful in a strange sense.I also cant help thinking it compliments Mike Garry's words ......................
I dont know anything about the image itself, other than it was taken in 1967.In South Parade Halifax.
When his Mum died two months ago, Michael Garry's family asked him to write this poem for her funeral .He also read it on stage at The Hebden Bridge Picture House on Sunday 30th June.(which i recorded for you here). Michael is from Fallowfield in Manchester.
{In The Interest of Balance, here is some beautiful writing to celebrate a Father.}
For some reason (?) on some browsers,this don't play to above audio automatically...if you don't hear it ;here is a direct link for it. you may find Michael's facebook here I have started loading images of the night here although one long video is a pig to download/takes ages...& is not on yet.I also have quite a bit of audio (example above) tho I havnt got around to doing anything with it yet. thanks again to Bob Piper for  your help.I will wrap up an audio cd for you at the end of this week. .John Cooper Clarke was as funny as fuck! A grand night.
+I'm am checking out the blog today........
CITY FOLK - Mike Garry from CITY FOLK 

A video I took of John Cooper Clarke in Hebden Bridge last Sunday night
My Beautiful Friend Regina Barja Fidalgo in Brazil showed this image.......
 She was explaining it to me this week.I asked for a translation.........she said.... 
"ye tonynho, BULLET in Portuguese can mean bullet or candy, hall is a breath mint, eucalyptus, so they prefer halls mentolyptos xxxxxxxx"
(When I say Friend.I mean friend).As with several other people on the internet .........i have been talking to her for nearly ten years, on various platforms.The irony of the internet is that although its quick to find people:but equally quick to "lose" them.In some respects,it's harder to keep in touch this way.But we have!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Ken & Phil the Ex-Fireman set off for the Penitentiary

Thanks for the tickets Bob Piper .Me & Billie owe you one!  [More photos [here] from our night out in hebden bridge.]
'End of the month,me & Chris go see British Sea Power at The Hebden Bridge Trades Club.We Look Forward! I understand the band is thinking of re-releasing the song "Waving Flags" as far more people are waving flags now than in 2008 when it was first released! Maybe it could become the UKIP general election campaign song in 2015?

Friday, June 21, 2013

slow train coming......

Les Gentle Authors are returned! Our Photos are here

Photo taken  1:30 pm this afternoon.....Chris in Carlisle Turkish Baths.A good trip! The architecture is rather cool.Early  William Morris meets Late  Genghis Khan............
I went to Sowerby Bridge Library on Saturday night.Thanks to James for organising another good gig there.
video i took of Trembling Bells:Saturday night .
View My Trembling Photos HERE

Friday, May 10, 2013

singing at the spaw

Smells & Chemistry is my interpretation on this week's Sepia Saturday When i go Harrogate Turkish Baths I will also go & fill up an empty Pop Bottle full of Harrogate Sulphur water I use on it my skin (great for Athlete's Foot & suchlike !) also once when in Italian Mountains,Me & Chris both had Sulphur Baths
I found out this week that a Sulphur Spring exists only 3 miles from home.I must visit & fill-up.
Local children in their Sunday Best “taking the water” in 1911
In medieval times and earlier, winter was a very difficult time for local inhabitants. The long season of cold and darkness, with limited food, caused hardship and ill health. Consequently, people looked forward to the onset of spring with warmer weather and more food. It was the custom in early spring for people to gather at the spa to drink the water and cleanse themselves of their winter ailments, and to give them strength to face the coming year. Whether or not the water had a medicinal effect is debatable, but the waters were a way of celebrating the passage of winter and the beginning of spring – and there are anecdotes from a number of local octogenarians of the curative and restorative properties of the Spaw waters, attributing their long standing to regular draughts of Spa water!In the 19th century this event usually occurred on the first Sunday in May and was called “Spaw Sunday”. It was said that on this day the water at Cragg Spa took on “an especial different taste”. Local children in their Sunday Best “taking the water” in 1911 All you needed was a medicine bottle, filled with the spa water, liquorice was added (to make it more palatable for drinking) then the mixture was thoroughly shaken and – if you didn’t want to look like a cissy! – swigged down in one. The sulphurous water from the spa was deemed to be excellent for making tea, although some recommended a pinch of bicarbonate of soda to take the edge off the “bad eggs smell”. As time passed these gatherings became quite popular, and attracted tourists and early socialists as well as local people. At the beginning of the 20th century the Independent Labour Party saw an opportunity to play an important part in the “spaw” celebrations locally, and the early religious orators gave way to those of a political nature. In 1906, a report on a pilgrimage to the Cragg Spa and then onto Blackstone Edge, noted that numbers at the event were becoming fewer and only 500 people went onto the White House where the Hebden Bridge band was playing.The Second World War ended “Spaw Sunday “celebrations at Cragg Spa.........{source:}
 Below the old stone bridge almost forgotten Water gurgles quietly from subterranean fault
The surface air scented with sulphurous stink.
 Contrasting with earthy woodland and river mix The nose turns towards the Spa lending it’s name to nearby cottage row and farm.
 Celebrated in past times with ‘Spaw Sunday’ Religious and Political gatherings drew crowds in hundreds After the confinement of winter, a time of Cleansing Parents and children dressed for the occasion ‘Taking the Waters’ with a little Spanish to stop the Retch “Get it down, it’ll do you good”
 Black Crow and Gray Heron watch from a distance Speeding Dipper stitches the torn river with a bubbling silver thread Brown Trout pushes against the flow avoiding the throng {Graham Ramsden}

Blessing the spa with a rosemary bough.
Hold your nose. It's tradition................... "Welcome to the world's shortest pilgrimage" announced James, the vicar, as the procession prepared to set off from the church of St John the Baptist in the Wilderness. This gathering was part of the 'Spaw Sunday' celebrations, ('spaw' being the dialect word for 'spa'.) ...."{The Guardian:Calderdale Religion}

Singing at The Spa.

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